Monday morning, it was back to it in my spiffed up new office. Even though it was a Monday, with the sluggishness and malaise that the day tends to carry, I will say it was a boost to the productivity element of the “Ps and Q” vibe to have an airy, fresh new space to work in. It did really make a difference.

It was also very nice to have my first official office visitor.

It was nice of her to dress up for the occasion. Doesn’t she look professional? 

Of course, the kids, Erin and Asta have come into the office tons of times before, but in the old set up there wasn’t really space for guest chair. Now, with the extra room, we were able to free one of the old ghost chairs we had at our condo in Chicago from its basement storage purgatory and bring it up to the office.

Amelia came by to visit, ask questions about what I was working on, and have a little chat. I must say, after a few years of working from home, it took me back to days of yore, when I would interact with co-workers in the office. While I generally enjoy the remote office situation, I do miss that sometimes. I would have some wonderful conversations with colleagues back in the old days.

Of course, before I go too far down the path of viewing the past with rose-colored glasses, I should also acknowledge that there is another side of that coin. I remember once having a boss who would get to talking for such long stretches that I once tried to surreptitiously reach in my pocket and call my own office extension as an interruption to end the conversation.

But I digress. It was nice having an office assistant for little while. I’ll have to get her an official visitor’s badge.

It was a busy day on the work front, but the day went by quickly and at least I wasn’t conducting business in the claustrophobic squalor I had been the week before.

After work, we headed over to Grandma and Pop Pop’s house. They’d been away visiting family and the kids were anxious to see them. We had a nice taco dinner and watched the sun set over the mountains. It was a lovely evening, and the kids had a good time playing in the backyard.


I alway wonder what it must be like growing up with that view as a normal thing. And a storm brewing over the mountains gave us a particularly cool sunset.


Not a bad capper for a Monday.