Today’s post will be kind of short, becasue boy howdy am I tired. I actually considered writing about how tired I am, but there are two basic problems with that:

1.) I always write this blog on a one-day delay, so today I’m writing about yesterday, and yesterday I wasn’t all that tired.

2.) Today, I am way to tired to dive into the issue of being tired.

So I will instead take a moment to make a quick note on the kids’ late afternoon cartoon viewing yesterday. I looked up from the work I was doing and saw them in the kind of relaxed-on-the-sofa, snack-eating bliss that many of us remember while watching cartoons when we were kids. I glanced at the TV and saw they were watching a Road Runner cartoon.


Once again, that takes me back. I remember countless afternoons and Saturday mornings watching Looney Tunes cartoons like this. I also thought that, in so many ways, Wile E. Coyote is a character that resonates very well in the time of COVID.

First of all, he social distances. He is never very near to anyone else. Sure, that is in large part because he can’t close the gap with the much faster Road Runner, but still.

Secondly, he gets just about everything he needs by mail order delivery service. No going into stores for him.


And third, I think we all often feel these days that our best attempts at plans or strategies generally end with our falling off a proverbial cliff or having a giant rock fall on us.

But like ol’ Wile E., we get up the next day and keep on trying. Maybe that’s insanity, or maybe it’s…super genius.