It was a pretty lazy day on Sunday. And there’s nothing better on a lazy Sunday than…pancakes!


The kids got to have pancakes and I got to use my Chewbacca spatula, so it was a real win-win. And I know much of the country is experiencing a tough heat wave right now, but it was actually pretty comfortable outside so I enjoyed bunch al fresc0.


In the overall madness of the time we’re living in, I find that the grabbing onto the little quiet moments in between the screams, barks and tantrums is extremely important.

I had been promising for several days to bring out the inflatable pool for the kids, but kept getting thwarted by late afternoon storms. So I told the kids in the morning that I would set up right after lunch, just as soon as it warmed up enough. As luck would have it, the storms threatened a few hours earlier than usual and it really didn’t get that hot.

Conditions be damned, I brought out the pool and got it inflated and filled long enough for the kids to play for a half hour or so, anyway.


I was worried I’d have to drag them out as storm clouds approached, but fortune smiled and they both got bored and cold just before the wind picked up. So everyone was back inside the house, and the pool was drained and stowed away before the rain came.

Having an early pool time, the grown ups were actually able to sneak in a little nap while the kids watched a movie. The movie was Spies in Disguise, which stars the voice of Will Smith as a secret agent who turns into a pigeon. Yeah. Don’t ask me, nothing makes sense in 2020.