We had good intentions of getting up really early again and hitting the road on Tuesday. Having logged close to 10 hours the day before, we just had about 6 and change left and wanted to get back home to Colorado.

Best intentions, yes, but we were also super exhausted, so we slept a little later than originally intended. The kids enjoyed a nice leisurely (and messy) breakfast in bed.


We got packed up and on our way at a decent time, so all was good. Back on good ‘ol I-80 for several more hours of featureless, bland and boring driving.

For a while we passed the time listening to news, which was mostly about how easy it is to get Coronavirus and how risky travel is, so eventually we switched to some nice, relaxing music. 

After about four hours, we finally found ourselves back at in colorful Colorado. We had a great visit, and we were all missing family already, but it was also good to be back.

A few hours later, we were back in our neighborhood and back at Quarantine Central. The place we’d barely left for several months and will likely scarcely leave for lots more months. As previously noted, it was good to get away, but also good to be back.

We unloaded the car, did some unpacking, got some carry out and retrieved little Asta from Erin’s parents’ house. Erin and I collapsed with exhaustion, while the kids, stuck in car seats for hours, tore around the house with extreme energy. But when it was time to go to bed, both of them knocked out pretty quickly.

I should say all four us knocked out pretty quickly. I’d blame the time change…”car lag,” as my Dad called it…but I think it was just that we were that tired. Travel takes something out of you. Having not really gone anywhere for a long time, that probably felt a bit more pronounced this time around.

Since I’m still pretty tired, I’ll keep this post short and quote the wise sage, Forrest Gump: “And that’s all I have to say about that.”