Monday morning, we were up bright and early to get the car packed up and begin the LONG, long journey back to Colorado.

We had a great visit with family in Wisconsin, and said our goodbyes. Amelia was particularly emotional, asking us several times why we couldn’t stay longer. Unfortunately, work and other bits of real life were pulling us back, so we explained as best we could that we had to go. It was tough, and definitely pulled at my heartstrings too. But we took a breath, buckled in and were on our way.

With an early launch, we embarked and first made a small detour to the Milwaukee area to visit good friends that we used to walk about a block to see. The Branchfords were neighbors of ours in Colorado, who recently moved back to Wisconsin. We said goodbye to them in a distanced drive by parade way back on Day 38 of this blog.

I remember waving  to the Branchfords and saying, “We’ll see you again soon!” Amelia’s classmate and friend, Liam, shouted back, “When?” And I said, “SOON.”

Well, we did our best to keep our word and made a quick stop off to see our friends  at their new place. The kids got to play a little bit and were thrilled to see each other again.

We grown ups had a cup of coffee and caught up a little bit. It was a quick hello, but was really great to see them. As with seeing family, it is really heartwarming to see good friends at times like these.

The rest of the day was driving, driving, driving, some more driving, and then we topped it off with some driving.

Not going to lie, folks, this was a rather lengthy day in the car. We logged close to 10 hours on the highway before finally pulling in to our hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Exhausted, we ordered some pizza, put on a movie and crashed out pretty quickly. A long, but not quite as long, trip ahead the next day. Next stop, Colorado.