On Saturday, we spent a nice relaxing morning while Amelia played some Pac-Man and Henry did his best Jerry Lee Lewis impression.


Later that morning, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Schneider’s for the afternoon. The kids were super excited to see their grandparents and spend time on the farm. Amelia jumped right in, helping Grandpa pick raspberries.


I also “helped,” probably picking 10 or 11 raspberries. It was not on purpose, but we did end up arriving just at the end of the several-hours-long raspberry picking process. Grandpa, as well as my brother David and his fiancé, Jess, did the lion’s share of the work. I was thinking this berry picking dodge, while unintentional, would do Ps and Q guest blogger Tom Rosenthal proud.

(See his post about berry picking avoidance and summer fun here.)

After the berry picking was done, it was time for the moment the kids had been waiting for…visiting Grandpa’s new litter of farm kittens. We had been talking about the kittens on phone calls for weeks, and Grandpa let Amelia name them. The names she chose were Pete The Cat, Daisy and Scooby Doo.

The kids LOVED their time with the kitties.


We are absolutely a dog household, and I admit it was both adorable and frightening how much young Henry took to the cats. I guess we will continue to monitor that situation.

After the kitties, we had some lunch and then we all pitched in to help with raspberry cleaning.

Later, it was time for some fun in the pool with Grandpa and Uncle Dave!


After pool time, Grandpa took the kids on a tour of the farm, and Grandma shot some hoops with the kids. At one point, Henry fell into a big puddle and was just as soaked as he was in the pool. We didn’t have any extra clothes along, so the poor guy had to wear one of my T-shirts. It wasn’t a great fit.

Oh well. While he was getting that sorted out, Grandpa read Amelia one of the kids favorite books, The Monster at the End of This Book, complete with props! Check out the bricks, rope, etc.

Nobody tells that story like Grandpa Schneider. And during my visit, I even got to enjoy a Wisconsin classic…Jolly Good grape soda!

It was a really fun day on the farm for all of us.