On Tuesday, I spent a lot of the day trying to wrap up various odds and ends for work, while Erin and the kids packed and got things ready for our trip to Wisconsin. 

Everyone was busy, but Amelia found time to work on some artwork that she plans to deliver to her Grandma and Grandpa Schneider when we get to Wisconsin.

After a busy morning, Henry decided to kick back and watch a movie. More specifically, The Muppet Movie, which I heartily endorse.


This was the calm before the storm with Henry. He was so relaxed and hanging out, watching a movie, I felt very confident making a phone call to one of the members of my Board of Directors. Well, about 5 minutes into that conversation, Henry first broke in shouting, “I WANT CHIPS!”

Sure, have some chips buddy. Hahah. And back to business.

Moments later, he just kept running past me, screaming as loud as he could. My colleague on the phone was treated to a cool, very loud demonstration of the Doppler Effect.

Fortunately,  we were able to talk through the random shouts. I was thinking, “How in the world did he get this spun up watching the Muppet Movie?” What could possibly have inspired…

…Oh, hold on. Animal.

I can definitely see Henry relating to Animal. Big heart, intensely loyal, loud singer, tons of raw energy, and loves to beat on the drums.

Anyway, I got through the work day and got myself packed. The kids were abuzz with excitement all day. I grilled turkey burgers for  dinner, and while Henry was asking if he could just eat French fries, Amelia said to him, “No Henry. We have to eat something healthy before we go to Wisconsin.” She is wise, what can I say.

By bedtime, we were set and ready to go. Early launch the next day. Ps and Q is carefully, and maybe a bit nervously, hitting the road.