TGI Friday! It is a sentiment I can get behind, even in quarantine. I had a late night working on Thursday, so I snuck out early on Friday morning to quick get some groceries and supplies. It was nice to do that during off hours when the stores were pretty empty and things went quickly. 

Back home and back to it, I had a pretty productive day all around. The kids had one of those great days where they pretty much played together and entertained themselves, which allowed Erin and I both to get things done. 

One of things Erin’s been doing is selling a few odds and ends on Next Door to clear out some things we don’t need anymore. One thing that is on its way out is my old office chair, which has seen better days. And even those better days were not that great. Someone was supposed to pick it up for the amazing price of “Free” that morning, but never showed up. So for much of the day there was an office chair at our front door, which probably caused neighbors to think we were even stranger than they previously thought.

When a storm started to roll in and I was still working, Erin brought the chair back inside and it sat in the entryway for a little while. I heard quite a hullabaloo downstairs and came to discover the kids had made quite a game of it. They were taking turns spinning themselves around in the chair.


I admit, this was one of those moments where parental instincts kicked in and I dashed in thinking I need to take that chair back to the basement before someone hurts themselves. But then I thought for a second, oh, come on. They’re having fun. It’s a chair. Heck, it looked so fun, I was tempted to take a turn.

So I told them they could each take a couple more spins and then I’d need to put it away. To my great surprise, they agreed, enjoyed themselves for a few more minutes and then went back to playing spaceship in a giant box.

A pretty loud thunderstorm went through and the kids got a little spooked and obviously couldn’t play outside, so they put on a movie. They chose the very seasonally appropriate Home Alone.

It was a little surreal hearing Christmas music playing while a thunderstorm was going on outside. But our kids have never been ones for keeping holiday entertainment restricted to those holidays. The Great Pumpkin and Grinch get year-round play around here, too.

I made some pasta for dinner, and we wrapped up the evening watching a new documentary series that goes behind the scenes of Frozen 2. It is really interesting so far, and the kids are actually quite into it. They both actually get into watching the little “making of” featurettes that come with a lot of movies, so they clearly like seeing how their favorite movies come together.

There has been a lot of focus on the music in the episodes we’ve watched, and I was struck by some of the discussion about the song, “Do the Next Right Thing.” For those who haven’t seen the movie, When Anna is at a true low point, she tells herself to just take one step and do the next right thing. 

It was an idea that actually stuck with me when I first saw the movie, and it turns out plenty of people behind the actual song, including Kristen Bell, its singer, have dealt with depression and the song has a lot meaning for them. When things get difficult and dark, sometimes the big answers aren’t there, so all we can do is take the next small step in the faith that the path will take us where we need to go.

I think about that a lot, especially these days. We don’t know when or how this will all end or turn out. We are living through scary times and it can seem overwhelming. My best days are the ones where I just focus on the next minute, the next hour, and do the small right things. It helps create momentum, and I believe leads to being able to take bigger steps.

So that’s my humble perspective for today. Grab on to the good things, do the best you can with each moment, and do the next right thing.

Right now, the next right thing for me is to get a glass of water. I’m super thirsty. Maybe I’ll even put a squeeze of lime in it. Yeah. Bigger steps already.