Thursday was a scorcher. It was pretty hot out in the afternoon, and after being buried in work most of the day, I decided to move the office outside for a little while so the kids could enjoy the little blow up pool we recently acquired.

Of course, the time it takes to blow it up and fill it up is almost exactly equal to the amount of time the kids play in it, but hey, it’s summertime and kids should have some pool time. Even in pandemic quarantine.

So I got the whole thing set up and the kids played frolicked for a while. I thought I’d at least try to refresh my work vibe, so I sat out under the pergola canopy and enjoyed a nice club soda with lime while the kids played.

I put on some Cuban jazz on Pandora (I highly recommend the Cubamismo channel) to make it feel like vacation, anyway. It’s a far cry from the trip to Maui we were supposed to take back in March, but it will have to do for now.

Henry lasted about 7 minutes before he decided he wanted to go off and do something else, requiring a change out of the swimsuit, etc. As expected, 10 minutes after that, he changed his mind and we had to put the suit back on. Oh well. Better than when he does this in the winter with a snow suit, I suppose.

But while Henry was off doing some thing else, Amelia said she wanted some company at the pool, so I moved on over. It was quite refreshing, actually.


After our time at the pool, I made a little dinner, and that night it was pasta with garlic chili oil, kale and almonds.

It was really yummy and hit the spot, and was particularly cool because I got to use some kale from our garden. Amelia helped me pick it and everything.

The recipe is adapted from a Rachel Ray recipe, which you can check out here. I’m posting my own variation of it on my Shut In Chef page, here. Most notable difference is that my version is sans anchovies. I don’t have a problem with anchovies, per se, and I have tried this with the anchovies, but I would say it gets a bit fishy and I prefer it without.

After dinner it was a little more work and a relatively early night. Another busy week, and glad the weekend is upon us.