Sunday was Father’s Day, and I got to have a day doing what I long dreamed of. Literally nothing. It was fantastic. Erin and the kids spoiled me, I got to sleep in, and they surprised me with a super cool set of camping cookware, knives and other culinary devices for cooking in the rough. We’re scheduled to go camping in July, so I’m excited about giving these new toys a test run in the coming weeks.

After the gift opening portion of the event, the rest of the day was just sliding into a warm bath of laziness. I was pretty out of it for much of the day, I will readily admit. Zoned out and loving it. I’m back to eating healthy on Monday, so I indulged in a bagel AND pasta. And you know what? I don’t even feel that guilty about it. It was good.

Erin put the kids to bed so I got to close out the day having a nice cigar and watching an old time favorite of mine, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. People ask me if that’s a guilty pleasure movie for me, and my response is no, it’s just a pleasure. A guilty pleasure implies the movie or TV show or album isn’t good, but you enjoy it anyway. I maintain Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is just a good movie.

Now Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, on the other hand, THAT’s a guilty pleasure. It’s not very good, but I can’t look away if it’s on.

Anyway, thought I got a big kick out of watching it, as I always do, I will acknowledge that Excellent Adventure is probably not the best Father’s Day movie. The father figures in the movie are Bill’s dad, who divorced his wife to marry a girl a few years older than his son, and Ted’s dad, who believes there is no problem that the discipline of Alaskan military school can’t solve.

It was a great Father’s Day. It was relaxing and I got to spend time with my family. That said, here’s a few thoughts on what Father’s Day means to me. First of all, I need to give a shout out to my own Dad, who taught me so much, not just about being a good father, but just about being a good human being. He is giving, kind, and relentlessly positive. I am lucky to have him as a dad, and have learned and continue to learn so much from him.


And secondly, I honestly feel like Father’s Day isn’t so much about “hey everybody pay attention to me for a day,” but instead it’s a day for me to reflect on what a truly amazing gift being a father is. I can say in all honesty that being a dad and husband are the most rewarding things that ever happened to me, and the things I love the most in life. I owe my thanks to my family for giving me this gig.

Plus being a dad means being able to unashamedly tell “dad jokes,” which, let’s face it, I’ve been telling since I was 12 anyway.

I hope all the other fathers out there had as good a day as I did. Here’s to all you do. I’m constantly inspired by all the excllent dads I know, too.

And speaking of excellence, I shall leave you with this.