My brief post of yesterday feels like it’s sliding into a brief post today, because once again it was feeling like I was pretty swallowed up. It’s never one thing, per se. It’s just amazing how packed each day has become lately.  Tuesday was a blur of conference calls, Zoom meetings, and various bric-a-brac. The day blinked by and was gone before I knew it.

It was late in the afternoon before I realized I hadn’t taken a single picture throughout the day. Me grabbing random snaps of goofy moments with the kids or funny things I think of are the raw materials of this daily rant. This pictures are my blog ore, as it were.

I realized this when the kids came galloping past on Amelia’s stick unicorn, aptly named Uni.

That at least gave me SOMETHING.

Other than that, it was just a pretty standard issue way-too-busy work day with the kids running around and doing their thing in the background. They generally entertained themselves other than a constant stream of snack requests, a few minor tantrums and a shout or two of “I HATE THIS COLD!”

(Note: From the early days we described COVID to Amelia as a kind of really, really bad cold. This is not to downplay it or say it’s like a cold, because of course it isn’t, but it felt like the best way to explain it to her at the time. So it is known as “The Cold” here, and yes, we all hate it. I assured Amelia she is not alone in this sentiment.)

Dinnertime came, and we faced the eternal question of “what are going to have tonight.” Lately both Erin and I have had trouble even coming up with anything that we feel like eating, plus I skipped full scale grocery shopping last week so making dinner can kind of be a scrounge affair that is kind of like one of those chef challenge shows where contestants are asked to make something brilliant from a cucumber, a can of garbanzo beans and a half tablespoon of liquid smoke.

Thankfully, Erin found a recipe that sounded delicious and, as a bonus, we had almost all the ingredients. Initially I was feeling too tired to take on any new cooking ventures, but I saw this recipe and had to give it a whirl. It’s a veggie yellow curry, and I fully enjoyed making it and eating it. This one comes from Danielle Walker, who is brilliant. We have gluten and dairy sensitivities in this house, and she has amazing allergen free recipes and techniques that have been transformative for me.

You can check out the recipe here. We made it without the prawns, and for veggies used up some cauliflower and carrots we had on hand, as well as some frozen broccoli and green beans. We were lacking the coconut butter and fennel seeds, so did without those. It also calls for palm sugar, which we didn’t have, so I used some coconut sugar. Failing all of that, I’m sure brown sugar would work too.

I got a kick out of making it because it actually involved making curry paste from scratch, which I admit I geeked out about a little. Anyway, I was super happy with how it came out and will definitely make it again.


And that was about it. Another hectic day on the books, all of us crashed out pretty early. Time to try to get recharged for another nutso day tomorrow.