Well, it took 92 days and I finally reached a mark I honestly thought I’d hit about 89 days ago: a day that I just couldn’t get around to writing much. While I am usually able to find a few tiny creases in the day…five minutes here, ten minutes there…to cobble together a blog post, today that just did not happen.

It’s been a super busy week already. I think about 48 Zoom calls today. That’s maybe a slight exaggeration, but not as much as you’d think. I’m sure there are home bound working pros out there who can relate.

What’s incredible about days like this is that they are super busy, and I’m  always rushing from one thing to the next, and when it’s all over I can look back on the day and say, “Wow. I haven’t accomplished a damned thing.”

The other contibutor to this late, brief and uninspired post is that I am really, really tired and I don’t have much to say today.

However, I will share one little moment from Monday that made me smile. While I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, the kids decided to watch some old Laurel and Hardy shorts. I grew up watching these with my dad, so it makes me happy to see them laughing hysterically at the same things that I loved and that my dad and his dad all laughed at.

Some things are timeless, and two dimwits trying to move a piano up a steep flight of stairs is one of those things. The kids even added a decidedly modern twist to the viewing. They had the same short on the TV and also an iPad, and would dart back and forth laughing at both.

With multiple screens AND subtitles running, they are missing none of the complex subtext being put down by Stan and Ollie.

Well, that’s all I have for today folks. It’s bedtime for Bonzo. And also for me. Thanks, as always, for reading, and here’s a to more inspired tomorrow.