On Sunday morning, Erin and I both woke up missing brunch. For the most part, eating in and doing the occasional delivery or carryout has been fine, but now and then one misses the full on experience of dining out. Brunch has always occupied a special place in our hearts. The food, the coffee, the breakfast cocktails…it all adds up to a relaxing experience that then makes you want to just go home and take a nap afterward.

We are still nowhere near feeling ready enough to be out in a restaurant right now, so Erin suggested trying to make some Eggs Benedict. I’ve always enjoyed cooking brunch dishes, but this was one I hadn’t tackled yet. And I know its one of those recipes that is both simple and tricky. So challenge accepted, I did a little research on various recipes and set about giving it a shot. Let the poaching commence!

I am pleased to say that my first effort went quite well. The eggs could probably used a tiny bit less poaching and the hollandaise wasn’t quite as thick as I wanted, but the taste was spot on and I was proud of my first effort. If you want to give a whirl, check out the recipe here

We didn’t have any English muffins on hand, but served the eggs over some greens and bacon. Toss in a breakfast cocktail, and it was a nice quarantine brunch.

It was a pretty hot day, so we wound up taking it pretty easy for a big chunk of the day. I did manage to sneak in part of a nap on the sofa. About 20 minutes into it, Amelia woke me up so she could ask how my nap was going. Pretty well, kiddo. Pretty well.

After that, we had promised the kids a backyard party and delivered on that. We had recently gotten a little inflatable pool from Target, and also had a blow up sprinkler we hadn’t used yet. In minutes, we set up our own little backyard water park.


What’s so great about kids at this age is that they actually appreciate and get excited about this kind of thing. Of the inflatable pool, Amelia said, “I’ve always dreamed of having a pool, and now that dream has come true!”


That made me smile and is, of course, adorable. It was also a healthy reminder to me that as tough as some days/weeks/months in quarantine can be, sometimes its the little things that can still deliver a great deal of joy.

And all it took was a few bucks, some water from the hose, and a bunch of time with our little portable air pump. The pool especially is quite the elaborate design, using three separate rings that each must be inflated individually. More notably, as I discovered in the end, they must also be carefully DEflated individually.

With the sprinkler, you could just open up the valves and it drained out on its own. With the pool, I had to spend about 20 minutes pushing air out, lying on it, etc., to get it deflated. And of course, it didn’t fit back in the box. Nothing ever seems to.