Our HVAC finally repaired, the weather rewarded our efforts and expense by delivering an incredibly perfect and comfortable day that in no way required us to turn on any kind of temperature control. That is good, of course, but anytime you buy something new there’s always some part of  you that is itching to use it.

A one-day heat wave followed by a one-day polar vortex would have helped scratch that itch, but I suppose I shouldn’t even hint at a wish for that kind of thing. For one thing, this is Colorado where weather is a tad mercurial, and for a second thing, this is 2020, a year whose motto is “Damn, I never thought I’d see the day.”

It was a pretty busy day for us grown ups, and the kids spent a good chunk of the day entertaining themselves by doing what kids do best: making elaborate messes.

This photo taken in the early afternoon of our kitchen table does a pretty good job of capturing the day the kids had. An archaeologist in the future could examine this and piece together so much about daily life in the Schneider Haus.

So let’s see. We have watercolors, we have some Play-Doh, Mind Matter and affiliated paraphernalia, a partially played game of UNO, lunch remnants, and an Apple TV remote control. Yup, that sums it up pretty well. They also did quite a number on the upstairs playroom. I’d take a photo of that, but all the items in the shot would probably overload my phone’s camera.

On the work front, I had a board meeting on Zoom to conduct, and that went pretty well. The rest of the day was basically spent working on a presentation for future Zoom delivery, and tying up some other odds and ends.

I realized in the morning that I had some chicken tenders that needed to get used up, so I made one of my favorite marinades and grilled those up for lunch. It’s a classic in my repertoire I’ve been making for going on 20 years. Check out The Shut-In Chef for my Asian Barbecue Chicken recipe. Mmm, mmm, yummy.

We had a bit of a rainy morning, but the afternoon was considerably nicer, so the kids did spend some time playing outside after laying waste to various parts of the house. Henry has really taken to climbing up on the little play house we have back there.

I can assume he is training for a future career as Batman or a chimney sweep dancer from Mary Poppins. I would be in support of either of these career paths.