In full disclosure, it has been a mighty long day and I don’t have a lot of words or thoughts in me.” But much like the days that I go for a “run” that is more like a modestly frantic mosey, I do want to at least do something here to keep that promise to myself to write a bit every day.

It has been a busy week, and I’ve thought at times that I feel bad for the kids because Erin and I have been so hectic and distracted with grown up stuff that they’ve kind of been left to their devices. But the truth is they’ve done quite a good job of entertaining themselves and making the best of it.

In fact, they began Thursday morning by announcing that the day was to be “Halloween Day!” This differs from actual Halloween in that it is more of an homage to the real holiday of Halloween, and it all takes place in one singular building. In this way, it’s kind of like the New York, New York casino in Las Vegas. But way cooler.

The kids got dressed up and made a few character changes throughout the day. Again, this isn’t all that different from any of the past 80 days in that way, but this was special because it was branded as “Halloween Day.” I particularly liked Henry’s tutu and Darth Vader ensemble. 

When I was in college, I once went as “Party Vader” for Halloween, which was basically the mask and chest control box with a smoking jacket and undone bow tie. Still one of my favorite of my costume repertoire, but I think Ballet Vader is way better.

Anyway, they had a blast with Halloween day. They went around to different rooms in the house doing make-believe trick or treat. They piled up toys as “treats” in a bin and hauled it all around. Erin and I did our grown up stuff and I’d watch those two and wish I was doing that instead.

So in this very short, exhaustion-addled post, the closest thing to insight I can conjure was that the ability for kids to find joy in the very simple and to quite literally make their own fun can be truly impressive. Not that it’s always that way, but when it is happening, it’s magic. Watching them do it also gives me hope that we grown ups may still have some of those powers, too. Next Halloween Day, you can bet I’ll be dressing up.

Oh, and for random good measure, please enjoy these cute puppy pictures.