When I started this blog 80 days ago, I remember thinking I would probably…hold on. EIGHTY days?

It’s been 80 days. I’ve been writing this blog for as many days as it took Phileas Phogg and Passepartout to go around the entire world. In many ways, being in quarantine and going nowhere, my accomplishment is the exact opposite of Jules Verne’s intrepid adventurers. 

Wow, 80 days. Jeez.

Anyway, when I started it was mostly a dare to myself because I didn’t figure I’d make it past 8 days. But here we are. For those of you who have been reading along way, either sometimes or all the time, I thank you sincerely. I thank you for taking your time to read what I’m recording here. I thank you for helping to hold me accountable so I don’t skip days (which I certainly have been tempted to do).

And I also thank you for indulging me a wide range of topics, ranging from expressions on enduring the unique times we live in all the way to the mundane minutia of day-to-day life in lockdown. Becasuse as I’ve mentioned a few times along the way, in these conditions you have to find excitement anywhere you can.

So to that end…we got a new toaster!

Pretty neat, huh? I don’t mean to be putting on airs, but it’s got all these settings so can have your toast delicately kissed with an ever so slight layer of crisp, or have it burned to a smoldering cinder. No more holding a match to slices of bread for us.

Making the story even more fascinating is that we literally got the exact same model we had for the last 10 years. We really liked the old one, but all of a sudden one day the toaster’s power to lock that little lever down disappeared. This is a simple piece of a toaster’s function that is very easy to take for granted until it’s gone.

No joke, for the past several weeks, every time we made toast for the kids (which we do every day), it meant holding the lever down manually long enough for the toasting to happen. Again, I never realized how long that toasting takes until I had to stand there and wait.

But it had served us well for a long time, so we decided to just get another of the same model. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t…oh wait. Um, nevermind.

Sad to say, the whole toaster thing was probably the major highlight of the day. It was another super busy day at work, but getting into the details of that would be even less interesting than all the toast talk. So that’s all I’ve got today. For longtime readers, thanks for hanging with me. If this was your first time stopping by…well, it’s been fun and I wish you well.

Sure, it was dry…it was toast….but sometimes some dry white toast is just what you want.