Being basically on some version of home arrrest for 75 days is bound to have some psychological impacts on anyone. Everyone is probably experiencing some kind of reaction. I’ve certainly had some increased anxiety, a scattershot music diet that ranges from jazz to techno lounge to 80s music to punk, and sudden and intense cravings for mixed nuts.

Man, I could sure go for some mixed nuts right now.

While the kids have done incredibly well coping through all of this, they of course have their own interesting ways of dealing with things sometimes. Lately, it seems like Amelia is dealing with the daily monotony by assigning birthdays to her toys. 

Earlier in the week, she was playing with several dolls and told me that it was Wonder Woman’s birthday, Harley Quinn’s birthday, and also the birthday of one of her stuffed dogs, aptly named Woof Woof. This is not to be confused with Woofer, who is a totally different stuffed dog. I bring it up because I’ve made the mistake is boy is embarrassing. 

On Friday, Amelia informed us all that today was Luciana’s birthday. Luciana is one of her American Girl Dolls. She is an astronaut, so we are honored that she chose to spend her birthday down here on Earth with us.

It has been cute the way she’s made special play to celebrate the birthdays of various toys. And hey, since it’s a challenge to make days special when you can’t go anywhere or do anything, I think it’s great that she is making some fun. Erin thought so too, and suggested we make a cake to celebrate Luciana’s birthday. There were no arguments from any of us because hey, cake.

I had to run out to do a few errands, and the kids helped their mom bake the cake. 

After dinner, we sang happy birthday to Amelia’s doll and enjoyed some cake.


When I brought out the slices of cake, the ever inquisitive Amelia asked me, “why are Henry’s and my pieces smaller than yours and Mom’s?

Busted. Can’t get away with anything with that kid.

As we wound down the evening, the kids decided to take on their probably 130th viewing of Space Jam since quarantine started. I noticed this time that Henry had the closed captioning on.

I suppose maybe he’s trying to pick up on some of the nuance and deeper subtext in the dialogue and explore the deeper meaning of Michael Jordan’s hero’s journey. I’m continue to look for any indication that he or his family cared about the fact that he literally disappeared down a hole in front of witnesses and went missing for a few days to play a secret basketball game with cartoons.

I don’t think the subtitles are going to help me.