Sometimes I puzzle over the fact that short weeks often feel longer than regular sized weeks. This being the week on the backend of Memorial Day, it contained a full 20 percent fewer days than a standard work week. Yet, but Thursday I already found myself annoyed to wake up and discover it was not yet Friday.

Days, weeks and months have turned into a confusing, amorphous mass for me lately. I know time slows down the faster you go and the closer you get to the speed of light. I can tell you from my running pace lately that getting closer to the speed of light is absolutely not my problem here.

What missing denominator in Einstein’s theory of relativity accounts for the complete loss of meaning in the normal flow of time during a pandemic quarantine thing? Is it the confined space? The monotony? The overarching sense of dread that hangs over us all like a shroud? No, that can’t be it. It’s probably just my Google calendar settings. I’m always goofing those up.

But man, this week has been dragging. I suppose on the plus side of things, sometimes I have days that go by in the blink of an eye and it feels like I wasn’t able to accomplish anything. At least with the plodding, sluggishly moving kinds of days I had this week, I do feel like I got some stuff done. So I will put a mark in the “good” column for that. 

Meanwhile, the kids continue to be excited about the prospect of camping later this summer. Our gear is on order and we are looking to make our first family foray a little later this summer. But while time might sometimes seem to move slowly for me, you need to multiply that by a factor of 10 or more for little kids. Saying that we’ll go “later this summer” isn’t much different than saying “we’ll go in the 25th Century.”

So for now, Amelia told us it was important to practice camping, so she and Henry put up their tepee, grabbed the LED lantern and set up camp in the play room.

It’s a good campsite, really. And like in real parks, it’s important to secure your food up high or somewhere safe. The parks have bears, we have Asta.

In the evening, I got to work on my little side project: this website! I started this a goof using a free platform, and after more than 70 posts, decided it was time to class it up a little. My good friend Kristin helped me build it, and gave me a little training on it. So I spent Thursday evening importing the last of my posts from the old platform and making a few adjustments around the edges.

I’m excited to finally make my first post on the new site. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m looking forward to filling it in over the coming weeks. Take a browse around and let me know what you think. And for any parents reading out there, think about sharing a story or perspective as a guest blog. It would be nice to hear from someone else. I’ve been over year yacking for 74 days, and boy are my fingers tired.