It was back to work on Tuesday morning, and while we were certainly missing the kids at this point, it was nice to have a few hours of peace to focus on things. Of course, much of the day was taken up with a conference call and a webinar I needed to deliver, but it was still reasonably productive day.

We planned to head over at dinnertime to Grandma and Pop Pop’s house for a belated Memorial Day cookout. The kids were excited, and there was definitely some conflicted feelings in the pair. Amelia was bummed that the sleepover was coming to an end, and Henry, while he obviously had a great time, also missed us and missed home a little. He was super cuddly with both of us, which was admittedly pretty great.

It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon, and we sat out on their back porch, hanging out watching the sun set and having dinner. Amelia and Henry played in the backyard, and even she commented on the view a few times.

Apparently during their visit, the kids had gone out for a nice walk and did a little birdwatching. Grandma and Pop Pop introduced the kids to what Henry calls “Noculars,” something they were both really excited to play around with.

It took me back to when I was a kid and got my first pair of binoculars, and how awesome I thought they were. And for me, I mainly used it to look around the flat fields around the farm where I grew up. Amelia was using them to look at the mountains.

It was nice to spend a little time in a house other than ours, eating food that we didn’t cook, and talking to grown ups in person. We had a nice visit, and at last took the kids back home.

I was wondering how they’d react, after finally having broken orbit from the house they’ve been basically confined to for a few months, but they were very happy and excited to be back home. It was pretty late, and we got the kids to bed an sacked out pretty early.

Exciting, eh? Some days are action packed and these blogs write themselves. Other days, it’s concrete webinars, dinner and bedtime. I take them as they come.