Monday was pretty hot. Like summertime hot. Like, if someone came up to you said, “Hey, is it hot enough for ya’?” you’d actually say, “yes, it is.”

This was good news to the kids, who have been asking for a while when it would be summertime and when it would be hot enough to play outside in the sprinkler. While both of those conditions were not met, it was certainly warm enough for the sprinkler.

Henry calls it, “The Sprinkerator,” which I really think sounds so much cooler. He should really patent that.

Anyway, they laughed and screamed and had a blast playing in the Sprinkerator ®.

And hey, it was a good day for me too. With warmer temps on tap, I pulled out my shorts for the first time in quite a while. Lo and behold, I found a nickel!

Pretty great, huh? I feel a little bad, like I’m robbing five cents from the me of Fall 2019, but it could also be that if I was able to explain the world of 2020 to that version of myself, he’d probably nod and say, “yeah, you keep that. And don’t stand so close.”

Other than that, probably the most exciting part of the day was that we all got in the car together for the first time since this all started. Erin had an eye exam and needed to have her eyes dilated, and of course it was super bright out, so I drove and it was a nice excuse to get out of the house for a little while. It’s funny how such a small thing seems big now, but I think it was a welcome change of scenery.

Amelia passed the time in the parking lot working on her little Leap Pad, and kept asking how should text Erin and me. I don’t think many toddler toys from 2014 are set up with 4G access, so there was no real way to accomplish that. She was bummed because she wanted to send this message to her mom and dad, so I told her I’d take a picture and send it that way:

The nickel was cool, but that was the part that made my day.