On Sunday, we put on some spiffier-than-usual-for-quarantine clothes and had a nice Zoom call with my family back in Wisconsin. I say “spiffier” because I put on a button down shirt, but I have to say that the award for best dressed on the call goes to my brother-in-law, who was sporting a sharp suit for the occasion. Way to show us all up.

But hey, there were good fashion choices all around. Props also to my nephew for a really cool Spider-Man T-shirt and my brother for a retro Brewers jersey that I am quite jealous of.

I would have worn my natty new polo shirt, but as mentioned in my previous post, it didn’t end up being my style.

Anyway, it was really awesome to see everyone and have a virtual get together. I was so in the moment that I forgot to take a picture of us and all of our pictures, so I’ll use this instead.

David, if you’re reading this, perhaps you can use your PhotoShop skills to either swap in our faces or a whole bunch of cryin’ Jordans. Either way would be cool.

But back to the Zoom reunion, it was fun, and we all had a good time catching up. There aren’t a whole lot of silver linings to the all-encompassing pox that has overrun the planet, but I will give a nod to the fact that technologies like this have come to the forefront. This is the kind of thing we should be doing more often anyway, and I’m glad we finally gave it a go.

Other than that, it was a fairly low key Sunday. Kids played outside and also in our play room. Henry discovered another golden gag while playing with his Paw Patrol toys. He kept saying, “Oh, Chase isn’t going to fall. He’s not gonna…AAAAAAHHH!”

And he’d drop Chase with no mercy. His tone and timing was once again perfect and the first time got a big laugh, so of course he had to go on to repeat that dozens of times.

Ah, the lure of the laugh. I totally get it, and the kid has a good sense of working his audience. It’s easy to want to push something when you get that first rush. It’s like getting a positive bump on a blog post and then writing 48 more.

So I think Henry has already learned one of the great laws of comedy physics. You can make a joke funny again by beating it into the ground and pushing it far past the threshold of what seems acceptable. There’s some good laughs behind that wall of awkward looks. I speak from a great deal of experience here.