On Friday, I had another morning with some various conference calls and various worky stuff. I needed to record a presentation for some engineering students, and once again set up in my guest room studio. The likelihood of guests these days seems rather slight, so it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll be quiet in there.

That accomplished, it was on with the rest of the day. The kids were doing their thing, running around the house and creating some impressive disarray in their wake.

In fact, that aforementioned guest room also doubles as an upstairs play room. After I was done using it, the kids were up there for maybe a half an hour. What I saw afterward was a mess so sprawling and abstract, I could only describe it as being artistic. I’m honestly not sure how so many toys, costumes and blocks could be so widely scattered and piled up in so little time.

I’m sure making that kind of chaos would take me an hour, at least. And don’t kid yourself…when it comes to making messes, I’m no slouch either.

After creating some impressive modernist room art, the kids continued their expression on a different medium. This time, printer paper. Henry was quite prolific, creating a piece for each of us in the family. This was the one for me.

And even Asta received her own specially commissioned piece.

After doing a little drawing, Amelia shifted to Play-Doh, creating this lifelike ice cream piece.

The weather warmed up and the snow is melting like crazy, but there is so much of it in the backyard, there was still plenty for the kids to play in. Or, as in Amelia’s case, to kick back and relax in.

From there, it was the usual evening routine of dinner, chasing around, barking and insanity. Also it was bath night for the kids. I won’t share how long it’s been since the last “bath night.”