The only thing more fun than Easter is Easter in quarantine isolation! But hey, we made the most of it. The kids were super excited for the Easter egg hunt. Eggs! Precious eggs.

Henry enjoyed it so much he asked all afternoon if we could find eggs again tomorrow. Amelia informed us that she wished every day was Easter.

The Easter Bunny also brought them some fun little gifts. Amelia got a kit to make her own necklaces and jewelry and Henry got a drum! He played it with enthusiastic glee for much of the morning. It was loud, sure, but any day can benefit from a strong backbeat.

Erin and I had the unusual experience of having some relatively quiet time to watch TV that we actually selected. The kids spent a good hour entertaining themselves happily playing, and there were oddly no requests for snacks or loud reports of pushing, yelling or taking toys away. It was an Easter miracle!So it was a nice, low-key day. We did some FaceTime with both sets of grandparents, the kids ate plenty of candy, and we just hung out. Games were played, including Alligator Dentist, a game where each person takes a turn pushing down a tooth until one lucky sucker gets their finger snapped at. We’ve had the game for a year or two, but it never fails to get the kids laughing it up.

Later in the afternoon, Erin took some of her classic American Girl Dolls and accessories out of basement storage to share with Amelia. I say “accessories” but really, this is all perfectly crafted miniature furniture and clothes. Erin loved these toys as a kid, and now Amelia does too. I have to say, having grown up on toys like Star Wars, GI Joe and He-Man, my idea of toy accessories is usually cheap plastic crap. This American Girl stuff is in a whole different universe.

We’re never much for traditional Easter dinner, so I made some halibut, scalloped potatoes and mushy peas. I humbly submit that it was pretty darn good.

So all in all, not a bad Easter. Now the challenge is just explaining to Henry that finding eggs and eating candy is not part of the every day routine.