Amelia really loves Easter. Truth be told, neither Erin nor I were ever that enthusiastic about it. But finding eggs and eating candy appeals to our kids, and especially Amelia talks often of her excitement for the day.

Even as a kid, Easter wasn’t a holiday that ever held a lot of sparkle for me. It involved weeks of Lenten sacrifice, a week of very heavy church services, and the payoff was some hard boiled eggs and a little candy. I didn’t like hard boiled eggs then, and I don’t like them now. Candy is good, and the existence of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs alone may justify the holiday, but other than that, Easter has always fallen somewhere around Arbor Day and President’s Day in my holiday ranking.

Plus I always remember when I was maybe 11 or 12 when I was on pace to beat my all time record on Burgertime, but had to ditch the game to go to a relative’s house for an Easter party. It’s possible I’ve never forgiven the holiday for thwarting my potential Burgertime greatness.

But Amelia is a kid who is pretty wild about all holidays, and she has always been very pro-Easter. The other day she asked me why I didn’t seem all that excited about Easter. I didn’t really have an answer, so I just said I was excited on the inside.

We did have a fun Easter Eve planed, though. Erin made some amazing scones and we had afternoon tea with the kids.

We’re all big fans of Paddington around here (if you haven’t seen the movie Paddington 2, I very highly recommend it, kids or not) and the kids have been fascinated by marmalade. I was able to find some on my last shopping trip, so we had some with the scones and Paddington even joined us.

After that, we dyed Easter eggs and the kids had tons of fun doing that. We had some fun and creative designs, and only broke 2 of 12 along the way. Considering Henry’s sometimes less-than-gentle touch, that is impressive.

We also had a nice FaceTime with Grandma and Pop-Pop Liddell, who sent over some nice Easter goodies. Some candy and toys for the kids, a bottle of wine for the adults, AND two boxes of Dots for me. My stash is almost gone, so I was super thankful for that.

The kids and I also had a solid game of superheroes. Many villains were thwarted.

Not pictured here is Henry. I was going to have Erin take a picture of the three of us and I asked Henry if we could take a picture. He said “No!” with the exact tone and cheerfulness of someone saying “yes!” I respect both his privacy and his ability to say “take a hike” in such a nice way. I’m going to have to try that one sometime.