Thursday was another beautiful morning, so I thought I’d take advantage of the weather and get out for a quick run. As I was getting ready, Asta apparently got it in her head that we were going for a walk, so she got super excited…and then crushingly disappointed when I told her I was going to go out on my own.

So yeah, I’m a sucker and couldn’t say no. Poor Asta’s been cooped up just like the rest of us, so I figured she needed to get out and run around a little too. For the first few minutes, other than a very sudden rest stop, she was zipping. Like so many runs in the park, I was pushing to stay in step.

But what I quickly discovered about Asta is she is by no means a pace runner. We’d be flying around and she would stop on a dime to sniff a patch of grass. And then take off like a rocket again. We did this up and down, on and off for a couple miles. Not my usual jam, but interval training, maybe?

Back home, I tried to do some sit ups, and because I’m on the floor, Asta thinks its playtime. She wouldn’t get off my chest, so ultimately I decided to just go with it and use her as additional resistance.

On the work front, I was up to moderate the second of a webinar series. The last one, as noted in a previous post, featured a good 10 minutes of dead air and nearly unlimited panic. I am thankful (and relieved) that this one went much more smoothly and I didn’t have to vamp at all.

In other news, Erin was able to FaceTime with the kids hairstylist and do a nice trim on Henry’s bangs. We bribed him with a donut and watching “Frozen 2” on the laptop, and Erin did an excellent job.

Sporting his sweet new hairdo, Henry joined his sister for a most excellent concert in the backyard.

The kids had lots of fun running around and playing the backyard. I also realized that, much like any good rock concert, their level of enjoyment is directly proportionate with how loud they are being. And me now being the old man, caught myself several times saying, “quiet you kids!”

Asta got in on that act, too. She doesn’t like to be left out. She’s all of 11 pounds, but boy she has volume. In fact, I’d venture to say that no matter where you are in this fine nation of ours, if you open your windows and listen real close, you will probably hear her barking at me to throw her ball. She really likes that ball.