Spirit week continues at Amelia’s virtual school and Wednesday was hat day. In another month or so, with no access to haircuts, we may reach a point where every day is hat day, but at least for now, it’s more of a special thing.

Amelia selected this summery number for her online studies.

After she finished her schoolwork, she decided to further declare the day, “Schneider Hat Day.” Henry got right in on the act, as well.

Amelia also felt that her hat looked a little like a cowgirl hat, so she spent much of her day as “cowgirl Amelia.” That meant the rest of us being called “pardner” a lot, and lots of random shouts of “YEEEEEHAW!” No, seriously, I’m not making that up.

For me, I was able to work in a few solid bursts of work productivity, further getting set up to do some online content delivery and such. It was also a beautiful day and I was thankful to get out for a quick run. Being cooped up at home, I am thankful to at least have views like this to run against.

The mountains are also a handy excuse for my wheezing, somewhat pathetic running level at the moment. “It’s the elevation,” I get to say. Even though I’ve lived here for five years and I’m fairly certain I’ve acclimated by now.

After the run, I decided it was also time to ditch the quarantine beard. It felt good to get rid of it. I frankly never really intend to have a beard. It just starts with not feeling like shaving for a few days and then all of a sudden I’m one of the guys in ZZ Top. OK, maybe not that bad, but I was definitely moving far beyond the well-trimmed Commander Riker beard and more into old prospector territory.

So that’s finally done and I look slightly less grizzled. Now tomorrow I can forget to shave and start a new accidental beard.

Amelia’s cowgirl act continued into the afternoon, and she even put on an old west show for us in the backyard, including some plucky country tunes and a lasso show.

While I was making dinner, Erin and and the kids had an incredibly spirited round of Simon Says in the backyard.

It turns out making other people oink like a pig is something Henry has long wanted to do, and used his power as Simon to make it so.

After dinner, the kids shared some cookies with Grandma and Pop-Pop on FaceTime…

…and Asta eyed up some leftover pizza. Here she is, lurking like a crocodile. (NOTE: She did pop up out of nowhere like a cobra and get a piece before we moved it further back.

Not a bad Wednesday, all in all. Heck, I’d say any day you can say you took in a free lasso show is a good day. YEEEEHAW!