Monday! A new week in quarantine begins. Continuing on yesterday’s theme of the kids being down to having fun with dirt, it really does become all about finding amusement and interest in anything you can.

Work wise, it was a day I was able to get caught up on some administrative stuff. It was a fairly productive day, but as I’m sure many of you parents are discovering, this whole “home schooling” thing can be a trickier than it looks. Erin and I are both sometimes struggling to understand exactly what the assignment or project is, how the technology works, and how we can coach Amelia through it.

And this is first grade! My hat is off to anyone who is doing this with older kids. In fact, you can have my hat because most likely you’ve pulled all your hair out by now.

One of the thrills of quarantine life is any deliveries that may come. I suppose this is how the castaways on Gilligan’s Island must have felt when some relic of civilization or the Harlem Globetrotters washed up in the lagoon.

Today’s delivery was a birthday hat and scarf for Asta, who is turning 1 year old this month. The kids are super excited and had to try her stuff on for her.

After we all got through the productivity part of the day, the weather was beautiful and we got to spend some time outside. The kids wanted to do some artistic renditions on our front sidewalk. Amelia worked diligently with sidewalk chalk, while Henry pursued a different medium…digging through landscaping rocks behind the bushes.

Amelia’s chalk produced some lovely results, including a sublime family portrait.

With the sidewalk now properly adorned, I made some yummy buffalo cauliflower tacos for dinne. We were able to eat outside for the first time this year, which felt really nice. Oh, and if you’re asking, “did your kids eat cauliflower tacos?” Hahaha! No. They didn’t. Don’t be silly. I made quesadillas and retried beans for them.

After dinner, we had a nice round of baseball in the backyard. Henry was very insistent on a somewhat unconventional stance.

Hey, whatever works, right? It didn’t, incidentally. But he did have a couple of sweet bunts.