While the weekends don’t feel like such a thing these days, at least this Saturday saw some warmer weather roll in. In the morning we got some things done around the house and Erin had a FaceTime session with Asta’s breeder to get some tips on how to groom her. For a little dog, it turns out Asta has a lot of hair.

Erin did a great job and Asta is looking sharp. Also thinking these skills may come in handy for the human members of the family after a month or two of no access to hair stylists. 
With the nice weather, we worked on getting our back patio set up and I put together a nice new fire pit. Asta was fascinated.
It’s a good thing Erin trimmed Asta’s hair before she started trying to stick her face into flames.
We also set up an agility course for Asta in the backyard, to give her something new and exciting to do. Unsurprisingly, it was just as popular with the kids as it was with their puppy.
By the time this is all over, I figure the kids will be ready to be compete on a high level on American Ninja Warrior/Battle of the Network Stars types of shows. 
As for Asta, the grooming wore her out and she was a great writing partner for me. She’s tough, but her criticism is always constructive.
She thought using this picture was a gratuitous attempt to compensate for a lack of meaningful content with cute puppy pictures. Guilty as charged. When she’s right, she’s right.