This day began as any…um…which day was this again?

Oh yes, it was Tuesday. I guess as any Tuesday begins. I suppose during a period of time where all days seem mundane, a Tuesday seems EXTRA mundane. Tuesday is that day we are always trying to artificially prop up. Taco Tuesday…Twofer Tuesday…alliteration is all Tuesday has going for it, apparently. I may propose Thompson Twins Tuesday in the house. It will, correctly, be voted down.

But I digress. Leave it to Amelia to find a way to make even a quarantine Tuesday memorable.

More on that later. Still on “vacation,” the morning was mostly Erin and I doing some things around the house while the kids played. The kids seemed to be in generally chill moods, which was a nice switch from the chaotic energy of the day before.

Our puppy, Asta, was the exception to that rule. She was pretty anxious to get out, and that was made worse by the fact that we casually said things like, “should we take a walk?” and “maybe a walk would be nice,” while she was in earshot. Asta probably understands about 10 words of English, one of which is definitely “walk.”

In the afternoon I finally gathered up the energy to take her out. I should seriously have put on my running shoes because she took off out of the house like a rocket and ran all the way to and around our park. For a matter of context, Asta is a Norfolk Terrier with tiny, stubby little legs, but she can MOVE.

I’m thinking the ground she covered at the pace she did would probably be equivalent to like 3 marathons for a human.

At the park, as I was gracefully trying to keep pace with a 10-pound dog, through my huffs and puffs and the music I was listening to on my headphones, I thought I heard my name. I looked up and sure enough, some friends of ours from the neighborhood were out playing soccer.

Asta and I made a stop on the way around, keeping the appropriate distance, of course, to say hello. Even if just for a few minutes, it was really nice to talk to some other human beings in person, and good to see some friendly faces.

From there we had to run on home, as Amelia was getting ready for her very first piano lesson. She was supposed to start just about the time when everything began to shut down, and we discovered we’d be able to start lessons via Zoom. She was super excited for her first lesson and got all dressed up for the occasion.

She may not know how to play yet, but she sure has the stage presence down. I am loving the Liberace-style cape and think I may need to get her a candelabra for that keyboard.

The lesson went great, and she really enjoyed it. Nothing like a little music and a lot of showmanship to bring some pizazz to a Tuesday in quarantine.