While we’ve been in quarantine, both sets of grandparents have been great about giving the kids something to look forward to every day. Most days we call my folks back in Wisconsin and the kids read them stories. Erin’s parents have been sending the kids lots of fun arts and crafts to keep the creative juices flowing. And even more popular, there’s been a daily FaceTime session where they have Oreos and milk remotely with Pop-Pop Liddell.

Sunday morning our budding artists went to work with paint and canvas. Like so many of the great masters before them, the subject was dinosaurs.

Each took their own unique stylistic approach to the canvas. Amelia took on a very colorful, somewhat impressionist take on the work.

Henry, on the other hand, went for more of an abstract, Jackson Pollock kind of aesthetic.

Beyond that, it was a fairly uneventful day. Later on we played “shopping” once again. Amelia declared our upstairs to be a mall, with the guest room/play room being the primary store. Amelia’s room was designated “the treasure room,” where one could procure all manner of exotic plastic jewelry and other accessories, and Henry’s room was “the cool room,” which was a depository for all things cool.

Clearly, I have no place in the “cool room,” so it was in the treasure room that I got this lovely and elegant ring. I think it will be an excellent complement to much in my wardrobe.

That afternoon we took our daily stroll around the park, which was hopping. It was a beautiful day and lots of people were out. Generally there are a few folks around, but plenty of room to maneuver.

It was probably more like a normal day in the park, and I have to say, it suddenly felt “crowded.” Even though we had plenty of room to keep our appropriate distance, I found myself feeling uncomfortable and even a little claustrophobic. It really made me realize how deeply the distancing and ever present fear of this disease has embedded itself in our psyches.

Still, it was a nice walk and fresh air and movement is always good for the soul. Back at home, we did a few things around the house. Erin made some delicious cookies and I installed a bidet!

Yes, we are very cosmopolitan here in the Schneider Haus. Well, at least as cosmopolitan as you can be within the confines of the house you don’t really get to leave.