Saturday morning, I was still feeling pretty zonked out from the big shopping and disinfecting bonanza the day before. Fortunately, since we are in quarantine, we didn’t have anywhere to be, so we got to take it easy for a while.

Though we woke up to a covering of snow on the ground, things warmed up throughout the day and we were able to get out for a little walk. The kids and Asta desperately needed to get out some energy. Erin and I just as desperately needed to get IN some energy.

Funny how that works with kids and parents. There must be some kind of law of physics or mathematics dealing with the fact that there appears to be some kind of inverse variation equation at play in most family dynamics. As a child’s energy increases, the parents’ energy decreases proportionally.

For example, when Henry wakes up at 5:30am, alert and ready to play, the lowered levels of energy that make it difficult for me to get out of bed are directly proportional to the raised levels of energy utilized by Henry to jump on my back.

Despite the energy gulf, we did get out to our neighborhood park and the little ones had a chance to run around in some open space and get some much needed fresh air. I am super thankful that we have a nice open park just a few minutes walk from the house.

Back at home, the kids have really been into playing games like “store” or “restaurant.” It’s really cute how they play together, and these days I suppose that to a kid, the idea of being at a store or restaurant in make believe play is just as fantastical as being in outer space, the island of Themyscira or Cincinnati.

Erin and I were treated to some very fine dining from Amelia and Henry. I had this delicious salad.

Henry brought Erin some toy yogurt. She said thank you, adding that she really likes raspberry yogurt. Henry, ever the customer-focused server, shouted back “you eat it!”

In that way there was kind of an Ed Debevic’s vibe to this pretend restaurant, but the food was way better.