On Friday, I spent the first day of my “vacation” going out on a grocery and general supply safari. When this whole thing began, we did a couple of big shopping trips and fortunately are pretty stocked up, but we did want to try to get some fresh produce and also needed some now-necessary basics like paper products, cleaning products and whiskey.

I began with an early morning Target run and already hit the jackpot because I was lucky enough to find a couple of bottles of disinfectant AND a pack of toilet paper AND some hand sanitizer. Jackpot!  I should take that lucky streak to the slots in Vegas…if only I was allowed to travel, be in public places or touch anything anywhere.

From there I went off to do my usual Trader Joe’s thing, and had to wait in line for a little while since they are limiting the amount of people in the store.

I have to say, I went into a few stores and Trader Joe’s was by far the best set up. They had colorful circles to keep people at a safe distance while in line, were really on top of keeping everything tip-top inside, and were also keeping a welcoming, lighthearted energy. For all the nervous, weary shoppers there (including me), that was much appreciated.

I admit, it was a little stressful being out, even though I had my whole system worked out in advance. Hand sanitizer in one pocket, debit card in another pocket so I didn’t have to touch my wallet, etc. With super keen efficiency, I quickly grabbed the things I needed, all while being sure to minimize contact with things in the store, avoid other humans and perhaps most difficult, to not touch my face.

Such intense focus! This must be how surgeons feel. Except instead of saving lives I’m putting frozen peas in a grocery cart.

Shopping accomplished, I headed home. Erin and I both watched the great video posted earlier this week by a Michigan doctor giving tips on disinfecting the food you bring into the house, since the virus can apparently live on surfaces potentially for weeks. If you haven’t already checked out the video, it’s equal parts informative and terrifying, so take a look here.

We set up a cleaning zone in the garage, unloaded the groceries and went to work. It was quite a process.

The video’s suggestions are great, and we feel good about being sure we decontaminated everything before it came in the door, but YIKES. I will not claim it was easy. I think the moment it hit me how nuts this new reality is was when Erin and I discussed how to best disinfect the bottle of disinfectant.

But we got through it all and now are fully stocked with virus-free supplies. Inside, the kids had moved their bean bags into the living room and had a day I am supremely jealous of as a grown up. It involved both jumping into the bean bags, and later sacking out on them and watching cartoons.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a darn good afternoon to me. Erin and I were pretty exhausted after the heavy-duty microbe-removal operation and took it pretty easy the rest of the day. After the kids were in bed, I was able to connect with some friends online and chat during a viewing of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It was fun to have at least some virtual connection with friends in other parts of the world, and watch a movie I hadn’t seen in a while.

For me, it was never my favorite of that series and I can’t say it held up super well for me. Three quick takeaways: One, the villain, Mola Ram, REALLY likes what he does. He is smiling and laughing in just about every scene. It’s good to see someone who gets so much satisfaction from their work.

Two, it shows the important of investing in infrastructure. Rope bridges are not terribly safe.

And three, it’s no wonder I was scared to try Indian food as a kid. Based on that movie, I must have thought it consisted primarily of snakes, bugs and monkey brains.