Life in quarantine is weird and has lots of ups and downs, so we have been trying to keep positive and maximize the ups as much as possible when we can. For example, we had some chocolate cake left over from my birthday and Erin surprised the kids by letting them have a piece for breakfast.

This was a pretty brilliant stroke, I must say, because I think at Amelia and Henry’s age, I could have lived through hellfire and pestilence but the thing I would remember would be the day I got to have chocolate cake for breakfast.

NOTE: I never got to have chocolate cake for breakfast. That may explain why I am not in any way a morning person. Mornings would actually be something to look forward to if they involved chocolate cake more often.

We also got supplies delivered from the outside world. And by “supplies” I mean “board games from Amazon.” So the kids got to play some new stuff to help pass the time.

And Amelia had even more fun transforming the box the games came in into a car! Look at that sweet ride.

After waking up from his nap, Henry was in a mood sufficiently goofy to make me wonder if he had gotten into the bar. He took the box car and put it on his head, running around the house and slamming into things with wacky slapstick glee. I also thought he looked a lot like a Star Wars power droid.

The day ended with a few rounds of Jenga, one of which seemed to defy anything I know about architecture or engineering. We went a full 5 rounds where I thought, with each turn, “Oh, this is going DOWN.”

Day done and the kids in bed, I took Asta into the backyard and discovered that the games didn’t end with those we got from Amazon.

Looks like there had been another game of FenceBat, too.