Saturdays in the Schneider Haus have typically been all about getting out and doing things like grocery shopping and running errands. This Saturday was no different. I ran into the basement to bring up some more paper towel and frozen peas.

The weather has been warming up, and it was a pretty nice day, so I took a nice walk with Asta while joining my family back in Wisconsin and tuning into The Jerry Schneider show. Polka music is happy music, as Jerry always says, and it was fun to text and listen separately together.

We have been taking the opportunity to connect more with people via FaceTime, and had several nice calls with loved ones around the country. Amelia finished reading her book about storms to my parents, and they read a little something to the kids, too.

I ventured out for some carry out for dinner, and made a swing through Chick-Fil-A for the kids. Amelia is hooked on their Polynesian sauce, so they were kind enough to let me hoard a dozen or so of those. Erin and I enjoyed some sushi carry out from a local restaurant. I was glad to see others supporting that local business, too.

At dinner, Henry discovered the power of the 80s-sitcom-style catchphrase. After finishing his chicken strips, he said, “Oh no, my chicken is all gone!” It got a laugh from Amelia, so he said it again, with even more gusto. That time, I laughed too, so then all bets were off. We heard “Oh no, my chicken is gone!” for the next ten minutes.

Now filled with food and energy, the kids began their evening tradition of running around like crazy. Soon we had a full-on WWE match going on. Thankfully, no one came running into the ring with a folding chair and there was more laughing than on-microphone posturing.

Earlier this week, Amelia realized we had missed her half-birthday (March 14). Last year we had a silly little marking of the day with a half a cake, thinking it was probably a one-off. We didn’t account for the fact that Amelia literally forgets nothing. Ever.

So we said we’d give her a little belated half-birthday on Saturday, which consisted of half a bowl of ice cream with an Oreo and some candles.

She declared it “the best half-birthday ever.” I probably would have called it half-something else, but hey, if she’s happy, I’m happy.