TGIF! It’s Friday! Thank goodness it’s the end of the week so we can launch into the weekend and…well…I guess do pretty much the same stuff we’ve been doing during the week.

On the productivity front, it was a pretty good day for me. For one, I didn’t have any scheduled phone calls so I didn’t have to consider random shrieks or loud demands for more peanut butter while conducting my business. Thank goodness for the silence of email communication.

I was able to knock out some small projects and was involved in some healthy industry conversation among colleagues about how the construction world is starting to deal with this change in reality we’re all dealing with. All in all, while the productivity aspect has definitely been a challenge (and will continue to be), each day probably got a little better.

Now that I’ve said that, I’m quite sure I’ve jinxed it.

But with work done for the day, I was able to enjoy a nice Wisconsin Old Fashioned and watch the kids and puppy frolic in the snow.




Within minutes, I had to mediate an argument over who got to use the shovel. So now I can add “If you two can’t find a way to share that shovel, then no one gets it!” to the ever-growing list of sentences I never thought I’d say.

They also enjoyed playing with their “Sno-Markers,” which are basically little bottles of dye they can spray onto the snow.

They love painting the snow, and today mainly used the red one, leaving our backyard looking like a crime scene. Loud shoveling and lots of red snow…ah, what the neighbors must think.

Back inside, we found ourselves to be the beneficiaries of a nice care package from Grandma and Pop-Pop Liddell. It included activity books, games, and bubbles! Everybody loves bubbles.


Because the bubble machines needed batteries, Grandma and Pop-Pop were kind enough to include batteries, which Amelia always lists with just as much excitement as all the other contents of the package. “It’s so great that we got games, and books, and bubbles and BATTERIES!”

You know we’ve entered a strange new dystopian world when a 6-year-old girl is thrilled to get batteries.

We also need to give big thanks for the bottle of wine included in the care package, which will definitely be put to good use by Mommy and Daddy.

Now onto the weekend! One work week down, infinity to go.